Welcome to mirosstech.

mirosstech is a small, one-man operation run by Mike Ross. I am able to fix most issues with computers (Windows, Mac or Chromebook), smartphones (iPhones, Android, Blackberry, etc) and tablets (iPad or Android).
If you are having issues connecting your new iPad or Tablet to your home WiFi or your phone is giving you problems, give me a call or send me a message and I can help you out.

Virus Removal

If your Windows computer is acting strangely or running slow, contact me today and I can diagnose and repair your computer.

Windows 10 Upgrade:

Did you buy a computer within the last 5-10 years and are still running Windows 7? Well, unfortunately, in January 2020, Microsoft will not be supporting Windows 7 anymore. What does this mean for you? Well, unless you want to shell out millions of dollars a year to pay for extended support (like certain arms of government in various countries do) You probably need to upgrade to Windows 10.
Fortunately, this is a fairly straight forward process. Depending on how powerful your computer is, and the condition it is in, you likely can get your computer up and running the latest Windows version in little to no time without losing a thing.